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Afonso C

Place Mozambique - Zimpeto

Project Stop for the One General

First Name Afonso

Second Last Name Ana

Base Zimpeto - Mozambique - Center

Gender Male

ID Number ZM694

Country Mozambique

Grade 5

Favorite Activity Soccer/football

Favorite Food Hamburgers

Favorite Color Black

Favorite Subject Maths

Dream To be an accountant

Bio In the past, Afonso has had some difficulty keeping up in school, but he has improved greatly. He loves playing with his friends, especially hide-and-seek. He also enjoys helping to cook and knows how to make an excellent salad. Afonso is not one to easily smile, but he is a very happy child. He knows who he is and does not allow anyone to change that. He is caring and helpful. Afonso is part of the church's football/soccer program.