Jabulile Preschool

Place South Africa - Michael's Children's Village

Classroom Name Jabulile Preschool

Classroom Grade Preschool

Classroom Location White River, South Africa

Classroom Description “Jabulile” is the word in isiSwati, our local language, for “happy”. This happy place had been welcoming children for several years and was known as the best preschool in the community of Backdoor/Mbonisweni. Unfortunately, all the equipment was stolen and the building was vandalized. It has been closed ever since, despite of the great need for such a place. The vision of this “new” Jabulile Preschool is to prepare children to excel as young leaders of tomorrow, both in love with the King and excellent in academic skills. We want to provide a loving environment centered on Jesus, and offer an education tailored specifically for children living in this predominantly low-income area, with high unemployment and crime. This rural school situated close to the Iris church of Backdoor, and a few kilometers away from our Iris White River base will impact many children and families, create jobs, provide training, empower the community and bring transformation in a place where many people have lost hope.