Agape Kids Club

Place Mozambique - Pemba

Community Project Name Agape Kids Club

Project Location Mozambique

Project Description Five days a week our Pemba center fills with children from our community who come for the Agape Kids Club in the Centro de Esperana de Communidade the Hope Community Center. Each day our doors are open for anywhere from 250 to 500 kids, ranging from 3-14 years old. Any child in the surrounding community wishing to have a plate of rice and beans and hear the Good News is welcome. These two things may not seem like a big deal, but for them, they are huge!

Number of Children Served 500

Update from the Agape Kids Club in Pemba!

Published Tue, Mar 17, 20. Written by Stop for the One Team.

Agape Families is a feeding program for our local children who live near our Iris Pemba ministry center in Mozambique. More than three-quarters of the children attending the program take the food they receive and share it with their families. Because of this, our team has taken the last year to focus the program on how to reach the families of the children who attend the program. With strategy and program restructuring, we have been able to successfully disciple a group of 50 children and 13 youth from the program two times per week. The result of discipleship has allowed us to begin to do weekly house visits to the families and minister to them through practical help and the sharing of our faith. We have seen many breakthroughs in this program. Children who have never heard the voice of God or have had visions have now seen Christ with their own eyes and have heard His audible voice. Not all are experiencing this but for those that have, it has fueled many to start leading the discipleship as well as earnestly fast and pray for their families.

Two of our girls, who are 14 years of age, have not been allowed to go to school due to their father’s strict values in another faithOver the years, our team has tried to petition with the father to allow them to go to school but he has not allowed it. Towards the end of the year, after many weeks of the heavy manifestation of the presence of God hitting our discipleship, the girls and the leaders asked God for a breakthrough. We decided to go during a fast to speak to the fathers of the young girls. After assuring the father’s that expenses would be covered and that pickup would be arranged daily for the girls (because they must attend a night school since they have to start at basic grade level), the fathers saw that the program over the past year has been helping their family and acknowledge that our team has been helping their family and they agreed to allow the girls to attend school! The girls and the discipleship group recognized this as God hearing and answering their prayers. This year we are encouraged to continue to support families of children in the program as we continue to disciple and encourage our village kids.