Place Mozambique - Zimpeto

First Name Antonio

Second Last Name Felix

Base Mozambique Zimpeto Center

Gender Male

ID Number ZM673

Country Mozambique Zimpeto Center

Grade 4

Favorite Food chicken

Favorite Color brown

Favorite Subject Portuguese

Dream to be a car mechanic

Bio I am a very active boy with a sparkle in my eye. I love to make new friends and play outside. I am making an effort in school and learning my alphabet. I have settled nicely into the life at the centre, enjoying the routines and activities. I care a great deal for my brother Albertino who lives in the same dorm. Antonio is one of the youngest boys in his dorm but he keeps up with the bigger boys and is popular with them. He is hardworking and active. He enjoys dancing in church and he loves playing with construction toys. He is able to concentrate and follow instructions as well as showing creativity and the ability to improvise - so he has made some wonderful models over the past year.