Place Mozambique - Matola Rio

First Name Beatriz

Base Mozambique Matola Rio Center

Gender Female

ID Number MR1420

Country Mozambique

Grade 5

Favorite Activity Play, study and read

Favorite Food Loves Food! Matapa, French Fries, Sweet Potatoes, and Chicken

Favorite Color White

Favorite Subject Portugues

Dream To be a Doctor and a Pastor

Beatriz came to our Iris center in September 2006 after her mother passed away. Beatriz was weak when she came to live with us but now she is thriving. She loves going to school! She is a future chief/boss of the center. She loves to dance and smile! She loves to give hugs and play. When the missionaries need help with the kids, Beatriz fully offers her services of help!!! She is truly a sparkling gem!