Place Mozambique - Zimpeto

First Name Dercio

Second Last Name Marcos

Base Zimpeto - Mozambique - Center

Gender Male

ID Number ZM667

Country Mozambique

Grade 2

Favorite Activity Magna tiles (type of game they have)

Favorite Food cabbage stew

Favorite Color blue

Favorite Subject Portuguse

Dream when he grows up he wants to be a policeman

Bio Dercio arrived at the center in 2016, Dercio has been a bit quiet and shy and while he's still quieter than the other noise-makers in the dorm, he is coming out of his shell. He is very creative and often brings me little things he has made, like a tiny boat out of plastic and string and coffee stirrers! He was having some challenges in school but when we met with him and his teacher, he really took to heart what we said and improved rapidly. He loves to help, sweeping seems to be his favorite thing, but really he just wants to be helpful! When he's not wanting to clean, he is building tall structures with our Magna Tiles!