Place Mozambique - Zimpeto

First Name Franciela

ID Number #ZIMMP164

Starting Weight 5.56 kgs.

Health Status Moderately Underweight

Caretaker Mother & Father

Bio The mother has very painful wounds that make breastfeeding very difficult. As a result, Franciela has not been gaining proper weight. The mother has seen the Doctor and received treatment 3 times but the wounds don’t heal. We gave Franciela formula last week to help. They live in a very poor community outside the city, and the father is often gone for days to find day work in surrounding cities/provinces.

MILK PROGRAM SPONSORSHIP: HOW IT WORKS This is one of our Milk Program Babies! Our milk programs provided much-needed milk and nutrition to malnourished babies. Most babies are in our milk program for about a year. Upon signing up to sponsor a Milk Program Baby, you will receive a photo of your baby. Throughout the year, you can expect quarterly updates on your baby's health via email. Once your baby reaches about a year old and is healthy, you will be sent a graduation photo! You will then be matched with a new baby in need of sponsorship.