Place Mozambique - Zimpeto

First Name Francisco

Base Mozambique Zimpeto Center

Gender Male

ID Number ZM624

Country Mozambique Zimpeto Center

Grade 6

Favorite Activity My favorite thing is to go to school and learn and I also love eating!

Favorite Food My favorite foods are spinach, beans and beef.

Favorite Color I like all colors, but I like my T-shirts to be black.

Favorite Subject Math

Dream I want to be a soldier for my country

Bio I am quiet and pensive, but don't be fooled, because I have a great sense of humor and I am really great at playing fun tricks on my friends and missionaries. I listen well and try hard to be obedient. I have no trouble sharing with others and I am loyal to my friends. Francisco often looks and sounds serious, but there is always a smile, just behind the surface. He is very observant and perceptive about people and situations. He is keen to pursue God and will really focus during times of prayer and worship, shutting out distractions around him.