Hope Families - Coyah Village

Place Guinea - Conakry

Project Location Guinea

Number of Children Served 24

Our Coyah Village is run through our Iris Guinea Base. There are 24 children, who as a result of the devastation the Ebola crisis has caused in their country, are either orphaned or have been abandoned. They are currently being looked after by members of the Iris Global Church in Coyah near Conakry and the church is working with police and social workers to try and reunite the children with any family members they may still have.We are working with the Coyah Iris Global Church church to help them provide these 24 children with the food, housing, schooling, clothing, medical care and spiritual discipleship they so desperately need to help them get back on track to fulfill His purpose for their lives.

Update from the Hope Families Program in the Coyah Village

Published Tue, Mar 17, 20. Written by Stop for the One Team.

Our Hope Family program, located in Conakry, Guinea, consists of children whose families have rejected them, or whom the police have removed after finding them living in unacceptable conditions. When they come into our care, we put them in one of our church families to foster until suitable accommodation with their family or friends can be arranged, although this is often not possible or it takes many years to arrange. The transformation we see after these children have become part of a Hope Family is truly remarkable. Many are visited by the Lord, become committed Christians, and attend church regularly.

With the help of our sponsors who donate through Stop for the One, we are able to supply each child with a loving home environment, food, school fees, all the materials they need at school, as well as any medical treatment they may need. Before long we see them forgetting the past and moving forward. These once hurt, abandoned, and often abused children, we take into our Hope Family can look to their futures with hope knowing they are children of God. They are healthy, well educated, and are well able to be all God has called them to be! Thank you to our Hope Families sponsors for being a part of changes these children's lives and giving them the opportunity to meet Jesus and be transformed.