Place Cambodia - Phnom Penh

First Name Leakhna

ID Number #CAMMP013

Starting Weight 3.5 kg

Health Status Overall Healthy

Caretaker Mother and Father

Bio Leaknha is a sweet baby that our whole team adores. We have known this family for many years and have seen Leakhna’s older siblings grow up through our kids programs. Leakhna’s mom was nursing but she needs to return to work. She sells drinks and snacks nearby.

Gender Female

MILK PROGRAM SPONSORSHIP: HOW IT WORKS This is one of our Milk Program Babies! Our milk programs provided much-needed milk and nutrition to malnourished babies. Most babies are in our milk program for about a year. Upon signing up to sponsor a Milk Program Baby, you will receive a photo of your baby. Throughout the year, you can expect quarterly updates on your baby's health via email. Once your baby reaches about a year old and is healthy, you will be sent a graduation photo! You will then be matched with a new baby in need of sponsorship.