Lichinga Village of Joy

Place Mozambique - Lichinga

Community Project Name Lichinga Village of Joy

Project Location Mozambique

Project Description The Village of Joy is a center run through our local church, Partners in Harvest, for the care of girls ages 5-18 years. As of now, there are 10 girls living in the home between the ages of 10-17 years. These girls have come from a context of vulnerability and through the Department of Social Welfare were lead to the home to be taken care of. The pastors of the local Partners in Harvest church in the city, Salomao and Irene, felt the need to become parental references and are currently responsible for the care of the girls besides their own three daughters. Because of being volunteers and full-time workers with the church and the center, they need financial support to provide food, schooling, clothing, medical care and hygiene supplies for the girls. They are also in the process of developing small businesses for the older girls to be involved in so as to create more permanent ways of self-sustainability for the daily necessities as well as investing in their futures such as university and developing their own private businesses.

Number of Children Served 13

Update from the Lichinga Village of Joy!

Published Tue, Mar 17, 20. Written by Stop for the One Team.

Our Lichinga Village of Joy is home to a group of nine girls who live with our local pastor and his family. As each day goes by we pray our girls would live to honor God and bring transformation to the world around them, even amidst the pressures of society and ungodly values that surround them each day at school. We have spent a lot of time on our farm during the holidays, planting corn and caring for it. When harvest time comes we all sit on a grass mat and spend hours plucking the kernels from the cobs and spreading it out to dry in the sun. Then we put the kernels in sacks and send it to the mill where it is ground into a coarse flour we call "Shima." Shima flour is made into a consistency similar to mashed potatoes, which we eat every day with fish or vegetables cooked in a sauce. It's delicious! Thank you so much for supporting our sweet girls! We are grateful to provide them with a small family environment to be cared for in.