Place Mozambique - Matola Rio

First Name Melvia

Base Matola Rio - Mozambique - Center

Gender Female

ID Number MR1454

Country Mozambique

Grade Kindergarten

Favorite Activity playing with friends

Favorite Food rice and beans

Favorite Color lilac

Favorite Subject drawing

Dream to be a doctor

Bio We met Mlvia in the hospital, where she was staying with her mother. Sadly her mother passed away so Social Welfare asked us to take Mlvia to live with us. It is a joy to have her! We think that she is about 6 years old. She used to live with her mother on the streets, sleeping in an old broken bus. We don't know anything about her father. She had never been to a church but has given her heart now to Jesus. We see a difference in her since she prayed that prayer. She plays with the other girls in the center and it seems that she feels at home here already.