Ramdhanu Schooling and Tuition Center Class A

Place Undisclosed Location - Asia

Classroom Name Ramdhanu Schooling and Tuition Center Class A

Classroom Grade Preschool - College

Classroom ID Number ASICR001

Number of Students 30

Professor Sanna

Classroom Description The Ramdhanu Schooling and Tuition Center ministers to the children and women in need in a local red-light district. They have started with schooling younger children who live in the red-light area and don’t go to school (mostly because their mothers don’t take care of them). They also offer spoken English classes for teenagers and a Bible study. In the near future, we plan to start tuition classes for those who go to school and will welcome all the kids to come there after school to have a safe and quiet place to do their homework. They will also start literacy classes and skill training for women who prostitute in the area.