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Tripti Rana

Place Nepal - Kathmandu

Project Stop for the One General

First Name Tripti

Base Kathmandu - Nepal - Center

Gender Female

ID Number #NEPCC038

Country Nepal

Grade 2

Favorite Food DalBhat

Favorite Color Blue

Favorite Subject English

Bio We found Tripti living on the streets with her parents in early 2022. We discovered that her situation was worse than we could have ever imagined. We continued to visit her and kept on praying. The Holy Spirit finally convinced her parents to sign her over to us and our children's center. Before we could find Tripti and take her home, she had heard that her parents had sold her to us and that we were going to do bad things to her. She ran away and started a six-month crazy adventure to find her and convince her that what she heard was not true. We are so thankful to God that she is now a beloved member of our family and is super happy!