Turma 12B2 2019

Place Mozambique - Pemba

Classroom Name Turma 12B2 2019

Classroom Grade 12

Classroom Location Pemba, Mozambique

Classroom ID Number PS12B22019

Number of Students 30

Professor Mouzinho Antnio

This Grade has 4 classes, 2 of group A and 2 of group B. Group A study the following subjects: Portuguese, Mathematics, History, English, French, Geography, Philosophy, Farming and Physical Education. Group B studies these subjects: Portuguese, Mathematics, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Entrepreneurship and Technology of Information and Communication. The main difference between the two groups is the students can choose the group they want to be a part of, according to their ability. They start learning these subjects in the 8th Grade, so that the students will get a good understanding of them before they have to choose. The teachers work hard to provide the students with a good education and teach them how to make smart decisions and good life choices. As the oldest students in the school they are examples for the other students. All the students will be sent off with a great education, that many of them will use to further their education at a university or vocational school.