Turma 8A 2019

Place Mozambique - Pemba

Classroom Name Turma 8A 2019

Classroom Grade 8

Classroom Location Mozambique

Classroom ID Number PS8A2019

Number of Students 54

Professor Cristino Alberto

During the year, the 8th-grade classes will study 13 different subjects: Portuguese, English, French, History, Geography, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Visual Education, and Physical Education. Unlike the lower classes, each subject is taught by a different teacher. This is their first year of secondary school. The transition to secondary school in 8th grade can be a challenge for students as they acclimate to the more rigorous and unfamiliar expectations. Each teacher works hard to help students with this transition. This year also gives the students their first experience in the science labs, putting theories they have learned in previous years into practice.